Depression is not an addiction or somewhere cosy to hide – it’s a devastating disease that steals time…

Hot guy- Jamie Dornan

Depression is depressing so I inserted a HOT GUY image instead 🙂 so people wouldn’t run away from the article’s title

This video made me jump for joy – I have had depression since I was 19 . I have had 4 episodes up until today when I am now 33. The first time I felt I was truly in control, in a healthy way and not fearful of its dark return is due to a doctor like him. Instead of being afraid to rather try make peace with the notion that it may well come back to visit but it will be ok. {  ( weirdly if anyone reads my blog post from 2009 I seemed to be on the right path then but lost my way again until now at age 33-}
Dr Nicola Buchan- she knew about my depression history BUT she took the time to check my bloods when I was 32 and after I  had mentioned some strange symptoms (i.e. dangerously high cholesterol, sore muscles and feeling constantly cold for about 2 years). The diagnoses – adrenal fatigue something inextricably linked to depression which no doctor in over a decade had told me. A huge failing of my then doctor – but perhaps he didn’t know – busy doctor, lots of patients – hey he was probably stressed too.
depression & adrenal fatigue
And whats more frightening than all those people who fall apart visibly, is the throngs of people suffering and not even realising they are in trouble, they say  ” I’m stressed, but hey this is our world, so what we are all stressed” – the clue is not looking inside and really listening to oneself – because if we listen we can hopefully avoid a total collapse of either mind or body OR both.
My doctor discovered so much inflammation due to my lifestyle – poor diet, sleep , imbalance when it comes to work, health & social activities etc. She said our bodies aren’t designed for this world we live in and some of us lose our way…
Because of a doctor like this I actually realised I wasn’t to blame – yes  I admit I had managed my lifestyle badly with major imbalance (which was the result of a personality trait – a whole other topic) but now I have a fighting chance and in the process my cholesterol is going down BONUS – thank you for sharing this video TED- it’s one of the most objective ways of viewing depression and letting people know while western medicine can help in that dark numb state, balance and lifestyle will keep you feeling “sane”.
I”m pretty damn happy of late and like any human I have my ups ‘n down, moody days and lazy days but that’s normal.
BUT for those who say “ag man depression – it’s in their head” (to which I answer no shit Sherlock everything is in our head, happiness too), “they brought it on themselves” or “shame they must want attention to fake being depressed” – all of which I have heard from people close to me, some who exited my life because they thought I was acting up. I don’t blame them though they needed balance and peace so chose to keep their distance. Probably smart for them but not that kind- their journey though not mine.
Watch this and open your mind & heart just a little bit – I have been so lucky good friends and family got IT & believed me when I was sick, and above all they were kind – but for many being depressed is still viewed as some self-inflicted addiction to be ashamed of – it’s not. It’s not an addiction its an illness just like diabetes or flu.
This video below perfectly illustrates what my new doctor told me on my route to better health and wellness.

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