Reiki – how letting go returned me to myself

This may or may not seem like Too Much Info but I am sharing because if it can help anyone else with any health or personal stuff they battling with it may give you some hope – please take it in the spirit it’s intended: ( weirdly if anyone reads my blog post from 2009 I seemed to be on the right path then but lost my way again until now at age 33-


My Reiki Review
I had experienced some issues with depression since my early twenties which some friends know and some may not. When I recently had difficulty dealing with grieving over a loved one and it started to impact the way I managed my life in a way that began to have negative effects on my health which led to a few years of adrenal fatigue- I knew something had to change. I had been curious about reiki for the past 18 months but was a bit scared of the unknown. When my health recently took a severe downward spiral that left me in constant muscle pain and my natural happy demeanour started to flatten I realised it was now or never.

I contacted Charmaine for a Reiki Master Energy Healing session: within the first 5 minutes in chatting to the healer I felt so cared for and a huge sense of relief from the kindness I was receiving. After a really insightful chat with her about why I was coming and what I wanted to gain from my first session I let her begin treatment. I want to state for the record I did not go into this session as a sceptic or a devout believer – I was open to what it could possibly bring to me and I didn’t force myself to feel anything or try to convince myself it was working. Everything that happened felt really natural and organic and came in its own time when I was ready – it’s not often in my life I have felt so safe and yet at the same time not been in control and be ok with that – which for someone who feels safe when things are in control is an amazing feeling of freedom and peace.


I expected to fall asleep because I was so exhausted when I arrived for the first session but instead I felt really in touch with every sensation and although I was extremely relaxed and calm, I felt very awake during the session. Every new sensation and emotion was so visceral I wouldn’t imagine why anyone needs artificial highs in their lives i.e. alcohol which blurs your mind when something like Reiki takes you on a natural high/journey that allows you to vividly experience and recall every moment with clarity. One of my big issues resulting from my illness was a lack of focus and the clarity during this session was amazing.
My final word is that during this session I felt like a book that hadn’t been read in a long time, during the session it seemed as if the healer was reading me and each story that needed to be read was being opened & interpreted over the session allowing me to access areas of my life I wasn’t truly addressing.

All in all one of the most positive experiences I have had in my life and I cannot wait to continue the journey. I am sure each experience is very different for each person but I would advise all my loved ones to take the time to try Reiki and see for themselves


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