Forget District 9 – Hok 11 is the place to be


Well , this past Saturday was rather unusual to say the least .

Myself and 2 girlfriends were invited to a birthday party out past the boerewors curtain in Durbanville.We were up for the challenge of shimmying our Southern Suburb’s asses out into uncharted territory.

We set off in my trusty Palio imagining would reach our destination in approximately 40 minutes -we were very sadly mistaken .My passenger Claudia, armed with her freshly printed set of directions ,was my navigator for the journey. We successfully maneuvered our way through Durbanville and took a sharp but excitable turn into Wellington Road- these directions were faboosh! Our next landmark was the Model Airplane field which we would come across after 5 sets of robots . We were doing well . The next stop on our “map” was , according to Claudia’s writing, Coco-Bick. We knew we had about 3km of driving until we hit the mysterious Coco-bick signpost.

By now  (half an hour in ) it had become one of those frosty evenings in the Cape , slightly misty and very dark as we travelled along this freeway with angry motorists hurtling past. Finally Claire saw a sign approaching- alas it was not Coco-bick but in fact Corobrick! Thanks Clauds LOL. We all agreed this was most likely the spot we had to take a right down a dirt path.  Down the dusty path my little car trundled – it was a wee bit suspicious seeing as there were no signs indicating we were on our way to a restaurant. Anyhow we had followed the directions to the tee so figured we had to be on the right track.

The further along we drove the darker it got and the more fareeeked out us 3 girls became . I think it’s a pretty safe bet all of us were beginning to wonder if we were about to meet a grisly end with some deranged serial killer the further away we got from the main road. Meep…

As we were moving at a rather bumpy pace Clauds requested me to open the windows to reduce her car sickness in the back seat after which we all screamed as a massive stench of chicken shit wafted into my freshly vacuumed car. Whilst shrieking we realised we were now passing a chicken factory -where in God’s name are we ! As a recent PETA convert I was horrified .

Finally we saw some lights and thought HURRAH we have have arrived unfortunately as we moved closer we saw no signs of  a restaurant and realised we were probably trespassing on someone’s farm. EEK!

As we slowly crept past hoping no-one would hear us we spotted some lights coming from a building so we decided to be brave and stick around and ask for directions . I pulled my palio up towards a field to park and as my lights illuminated the area in front a bloody huge hog ran past . Fark – this could turn into a scene from “Deliverance”  gulp…

I decided to look at the funny side and demand shots of me were taken in front of the pig pen whilst avoiding pig shit in my new booties. After my impromptu photo shoot we then proceeded to enter this establishment which turned out to be a bush bar . A BUSH BAR in Cape Town – can you believe it ?

3 dolled up girlies trotted into a very low key police bar and began the embarrassing ordeal of explaning how they had ended up in this charming neck of the woods. We soon learnt we had in fact found the restuarant’s old location ( tis true ) and we were in fact at HOK 11. Thankfully though the locals were friendly and treated us to free drinks to make our trip worthwhile.

I had said when I got back from my travels I wanted to do more roadtrips in my own country – this wasn’t quite what I had in mind.However if we ever need a place to hire for a Texas Chain Saw themed party  HOK 11 is the first place I’ll call.

PS Claire just alerted me to this which she found on GOOGLE about HOK 11 – this place is famous


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