Whiskey, Nessie and Buddhists


Hurrah!  At long last I get to visit my brother “the monk” AKA Choden at his buddhist sanctuary in Scotland- http://www.holyisland.org/

This week as I make  preparations  to bid adios to Barcelona and move up the coast , I thought what better time to plan a little excursion to another destination I have always longed to visit.  So I booked myself a RyanAir flight to the land of the Loch Ness Monster- och ay!

After years of hearing about my brother’s adopted land I will finally make my way to his little buddhist warren amongst the Hebridean Islands. After flying into Glasgow I will be taking a ferry from the mainland at Ardrossan and then heading to the famous Isle of Arran (whiskey time!) whereupon I board a skip which will deliver me to the eponymous Holy Island. How very twee….

My brother , Sean McGovern, has been involved with the development of  Holy Island since it was bought in 1992 by the Rokpa Trust in association with Kagyu Samye Ling Monestary (which incidentally is  the largest Tibetan Monastery outside of Tibet as well as Europe’s oldest) .

The intention behind this center is that it acts as a spiritual retreat open to all faiths as a place where people can find a peaceful refuge in this hectic modern world and encourage inter-faith relations.

Aside from the spiritual benefits of this island I am most looking forward to chasing some wild ponies and hopefully avoiding any hind legs assaults as I try make friends . Apparently there are also herds of sheep and goats that wander about the island – so I am super excited at the prospect of frolicking in the wilderness .

I will be sure to post more news of my Highland Fling as it happens. Stay tuned.



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