Spring Has Sprung & in Surprising Places I tell Ya!

Get a Room People!

Get a Room People!

Right now I’m in Spain just as the weather is beginning to herald the start of Spring. I am incredibly lucky to be here and witness the Mediterranean people start to break free from the shackles of winter ( which I do think gets them down ) and start displaying their Latin temperaments. And boy display them they do! In the most public of places. Now I am no prude and come from a warm, open country where PDA is not frowned upon too much.But there’s PDA and then there’s the George Micheal kind of PDA that could land you in the dock. That being said my eyes have been standing out on stalks over the last couple of weeks as people are definitely feeling the birds and the bees in the air.

Every which way I turn there are couples going at it. Against walls outside shops, clutching each other desperately on elevators , partaking in tonsil hockey on the metro – you get the picture . At first its cute and you feel all caught up in Spanish pasione, then you kinda of stop noticing it and then you get trapped on a metro at 3 am with a couple dry-humping on the seat next to you …good god people we are not animals!

I honestly  don’t mind all this love and pashing that much. Apart from  dry-hump couple where after I felt the need to douse myself in a vat of disinfectant. Love is in the air and the metros apparently  xoxo


4 thoughts on “Spring Has Sprung & in Surprising Places I tell Ya!

  1. i will say this.
    Id get upset if mafakaz were dry humpin rite next to me during my commute to work.
    that shit is just plain disrespectful..i ride a motorbike ffs.

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