Spanish Export Quality – we shall see


Now being a single lady (I think I hear Beyonce in the background) all my friends are only interested in one thing regarding my travels to Spain “what are the men like?” Are they dark, brooding and oozing Latino sex appeal? Well in a word – no .But I’m keeping the faith people. Maybe it‘s because its winter and they‘ve lost their sun kissed glow and the Spanish really hate winter.

I don’t know the reason but I swear the hottest men I’ve seen are dapper senior citizens. It’s tragic really I sit on the metro and rather than check out the young men (who are inevitably pierced in some orifice, skate-boarders or just plain hideous) I imagine how good looking some of these well kept gentlemen must have been in a bygone era. Time to get out and check out the night life I think once I start eyeing octogenarians.

On landing in Spain I mentioned in a previous post about being hit on by a security guard- dismal startJ. Then I was sitting in the Metro one evening waiting for the train home and I asked a guy what time it was. He proceeded to keep repeating “we go for coffee, we go for coffee?” This was no Mediterranean dream boat … he looked homeless and I think he had pink eye. Score!!

So after that my most exciting moment came when I was in the toiletry aisle at “Mercadona”of all places. There I was checking out the deodorant shelves , calculating the rate of exchange for a El Dove (extortion I tell you ) when I lost my footing , stumbled as I am known to do in shops and came face to face with Antonio ! Antonio Banderas Oh my God … but wait reality-check Tara “You are in a Mercadona (equivalent to Checkers in SA) I don’t think Mr Banderas shops in Mercadonas.” Double take in that 5 second conversation in my head…it’s a cardboard cut out of Antonio pimping his new fragrance .Tough times when you get a thrill from a card board cut out. Definitely time to hit a disco ….


2 thoughts on “Spanish Export Quality – we shall see

  1. LOL!!! This blog is really cool! I will definitly be looking forward to your next one! You have also got me thinking about extending on the one I did for Nina for our One Year Anniversary. I will start telling stories about Caitlyn,hmmmm thanks Tara I think will do that I just need to find the time.

    Good luck with the man hunt and keep the posts coming!!

    Take care of yourself

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