Lets go on a wander shall we?


Day 3 in bartheeeelonaaaa- what shall I do today ? Hmmm I have no idea how far it is to walk to the beach . Lets  see shall I?

Armed with a metro T10 ticket to ride the underground do I take the easy route – H to the L no!!  I shall walk. I mean come on..how big can this city reaaaallly be?

I ‘ll tell you how long – it took me 3 effing hours to get to the beach – why did I not take a map for “bleep’s” sakes. I wandered and wandered through what I suspect are the ugliest neighbourhoods in Barna ( that’s short for Barcelona for those of us who reside here 😉 ). I stumbled past dodgy Chinese shops, schwarma cafes and people walking their dogs – always the people with their dogs.

Eventually I came across a very pretty plaza and thought OK I have made it through the ghetto to the touristy bit at last ! Wandering past this section (which I later discovered was  barrio Clot) I started to realise that I was doing it – exploring a country I haven’t much knowledge of  all by my lonesome – my cajones are slowly developing .


I found a beautiful little street and saw the first building that really seemed like Spain to me – right opposite the previously mentioned chinese shop. Nothing is ever as you expect it to be I guess LOL. Walking down this part of town I came to a little courtyard where I smiled at an old man and he smiled back. The first Spanish person in 2 days to return the gesture. I felt so happy I could have burst into song. For shizzle I kid you not. This sweet old gent then called to me and I asked him where I was . He spoke to me in Spanish and broken English and there I was …right in the middle of my first real “conversation” with a local. I could have died right then and there. Ok so admittedly I also realised with horror how heinous my Spanish is in real life  but to try and talk to this sweet old man made any embarrassment fade into the background. His name was Albert and the words that I will always remember and that I keep telling myself make this trip worthwhile were these   “I will keep you here , you  Tara” and he pointed to his heart . That moment has already made this whole adventure worthwhile. To you Albert I will keep you in mine forever.

PS I made it to the beach – it’s a sand pit  meh 🙂


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