Laundry Horrors

pantiesMy poor friend – never a day goes by when she doesn’t have some bizarre tale to tell regarding her new room mate .

After sharing her cottage with a girl and enduring the dramas and tribulations that naturally occur whilst living with another woman , she decided that the time had come to live with a guy.

A guy , she naively imagined, would bring about a sense of balance to her abode. No more PMS to contend with (apart from her own) or tense, bitchy moments when food went missing or bathrooms left messy. Aaaaah yes a male room-mate would be so great . A nice, laid back guy who doesn’t care if the dishes aren’t always cleaned right after being used or whether you smoke indoors. Yes life with a guy would be great!

However , as Murphy’s Law would have it, my friend was  not to end up with Cape Town’s most laid back roomie ( that would have been too easy) but Cape Town’s most peculiar.

Her new room-mate tends to walk into her room while she is relaxing and just stand there – mute. On other occasions when her friends come by to visit and greet this creature he doesn’t say anything in reply just gives them a dodgy ” why you looking at my woman ” kinda look. This odd look, although amusing to her friends , strikes fear into her heart so much so that she is now tempted to lock her bedroom door at night.

This following incident has , at the very least , encouraged my friend to hide away her underthingies in future after peculiar roomie had started getting a bit to familiar with them . After a particularly tiring day she arrived home to find that her roomie of only a week or so had folded her panties one by one and left them on her bed. Now FYI to anyone who’s not a girl —we don’t like our underwear being touched uninvited !!

Girl: I finally had the chat about my washing on Monday – that was a bit terrifying

co-worker: rofl
yes – he’s such a nerd he doesn’t understand that sniffing pantys after they’ve been laundered defeats the point
i am so funny

Girl: you speak from experience?

i’m bad at reading body language but his was like a nuclear explosion it was so clear – “homicidal anger at being told not to take down my clothes”

Co-worker:  LOL
yeah – although my panty sniffing days came to an end upon discovering a skid mark

LOL kidding

SteekNet – altyd beter met ‘n bietjie botter


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