Why So Concerned About My Love Life or Lack there of ? AKA i’m sure I won’t get eaten alive by my alsations like Bridget Jones ….

Hiding from prospective blind dates

Hiding from prospective blind dates

What is it with most people wanting to fix up their single friends ? Why does everyone at one time or another try to become a yenta? Do they want to be at the wedding and regale the guests with their match-making genius ? Is it hard to believe a single person may actually be enjoying his/her solitude … Why is it a partner in love is such a huge focus on everyone’s minds?

It’s enough to drive some people mad …in fact I think it already has. Here follows an alarming conversation between myself and a well meaning , if slightly off her rocker , friend and her efforts to get me to go on a blind date. Suffice to say she failed dismally but it makes for amusing reading.

C: ok ta

like i’m being serious

i’m setting you up on a blind date

me: noooo with who

C: he’s totally cute

me: who is he tell me

me: who is heeee

C: ok his name is “Bleep”

me: yes ooh irish nice name

what else

C: and like lololololol i was bored one day at the office and picked him up on…. lololol



me: what

C: okaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyy

me: omg

C: yes

bad bad bad


me: on gumtree

how did youmanage that

C: okay but wait he’s hahahahaha yes ok let’s move on from the gumtree bit


so he’s like 29

he has irish roots

me: no but like how did you meet him on gumtree

C: in fact he has a british passport

me: tell me….

C: ok like can we just move on from there for like ONE second i’ll give you the details later on

me: ohahaha

C: okAY

me: yes so irish roots

C: so he’s like in design

me: are his teeth straight

i know those brits have dodgey gnashers

C: well check him out on my facebook profile

“Name hidden for privacy and dignity”

me: hmmm ok

no back to gumtree

C: ur of irish descent aren’t you?

me: yes “yawn”


C: ta he’s got personality

me: gumtreeeee ( me thinking :oh god NOT personality!!we all know what that means)

how why

C: so are you looking?



me: no just gimme a mo

i don’t see him anywhere

C: she repeats “Name hidden for privacy and dignity”

me: I am speechless (after just having found PEE WEE HERMAN”S doppleganger)

C: what are you speechless about?

me: ummmm have you seen this guy in real life

C: no


me: OH my god

C: but y’all can chat??

me: how  very dare you

C: to start off with

me: jeepers

you have nt even seen him in real life good gad woman

who are you bringing to the pot luck thing? Better not be this character….

C: not him don’t worry lolol

me: where did you find this guy ?on gumtree seriously be honest?

C: ok hold on i’m trying to talk to him now

C: ok so don’t judge me

here goes the story

i get bored at work every so often and then one day i thought hey – let’s check out the singles classifieds on gumtree – yes i could’ve chosen a better website but ya


so i browsed through the ads and his ad was there


just totally like – …cool

it was entitled “Serendipitous Serenade”

thought it was an interesting title and replied some smart comment and then we started chatting

first over email and then via google chat and we were supposed to meet but i didn’t want to

not for any other reason other than the fact that he’s a stranger and i just wanted to speak to someone new during the day u know

didnt’ really actually wanna meet

anyhoo – so anyway long story short – he’s funny and cool and irish

he loves animals and he thinks a fringe on a girl is cute


ur the perfect candidate





shit ta… i really hope our friendship is based on more than this

me: hahahahah


you better not have sent my pic

C: (nervous laughter) lol

me: what !

C: ok don’t get angry – he just saw ur facebook profile pic

that’s it


me: oh my god

C: ur angry

i can tell

me: no man just freaked


like i’m friggin setting u up to go speed dating with me too – like you EVEN have a choice

it’s harmless fun

unless you have a BIG problem with it of course


me: what speed dating

OMG have y signed me up on datng sites

me: C ( me shouting her name)

dont hide from me

C: ur not on dating sites!!!


i’m just getting a group of us to go speed dating

we’re not on a site

so don’t worry

okay i’ll be back in a bit okay


lol don’t be mad at me PLEASE


or hate me

or judge


C is offline and can’t currently receive messages because this chat is off the record.


5 thoughts on “Why So Concerned About My Love Life or Lack there of ? AKA i’m sure I won’t get eaten alive by my alsations like Bridget Jones ….

  1. Tara! How’s ya love life!
    (Bridget Jones quote)
    Screw the Irish bloke (not literally) because you are going to fabulous Barthelonah and are going to be wooed by Gael look a likes under a palm tree sipping Sangria1 So there!!!

    • Tanks for the love glad you enjoyed it! I have to add more posts soon been very lazy the past 6 months time to get writing again

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