My Rant For The Day



An ode to Pick n’ Pay

I went to the new Claremont on the 29th October for the first time . Parked my car and jogged inside and the very second my feet went from the parking garage floor onto the trolley/walkway into the center I slipped onto the tiled walkway injuring my face and my ribs. The Doctor who examined me say it’s likely I have a fractured rib and may have a fracture in my face thanks to you having slippery tiles in the walk way .Plus I was wearing flat shoes.

Do you really think I, a 27 year old healthy woman with good balance, will be the only person in Claremont’s history to run inside the shopping centre and fall? I think not.

Especially when you tile the inclined walkway that many shoppers and gym users will make use of. Do you not think an elderly person ( and many an elderly women likes to wear heels ) is not going to potentially slip and injure themselves far worse than I have? What do you suggest? Insist no women wear heels whilst shopping? I would suggest putting rubberised tiles down NOT ceramic tiles that could really hurt anyone , children , elderly and me!

Another factor that greatly annoys me is that while I was lying passed out on the walkway for 10 minutes and then crying in pain inside the coffee shop not one manager or employee of Pick n Pay bothered to check on my well-being.

So if Pick n Pay stands by their slogan of “inspired by you” I truly hope you look after your customers far better in future cause I am not inspired by YOU at all.

I am not impressed and really would appreciate Pick n Pay to make their centres places where people are safe from accidents like this. With people rushing in and out of shopping centres I don’t think I’ll be the last person to fall on your tiled walkways.


2 thoughts on “My Rant For The Day

  1. Dam that sucks. I was reading 5 of their unbreakable promises. One caught my eye – There should never be a queue at a till until all tills are open. Don’t know when the dude or dudette who came up with that last shopped at one of their stores…

    Hope your wounds heal…

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