JAMIE LYNN IS MINGING AKA work topics for the day :)

Jamie Lyn Spears
jon: wow – so holly split from hef

Tracy: yip scaaandaaaaaal


jon: and jamie lynn is having another sprog

Tracy: noooooooo


jon: all those spears’ should be sterilized

Tracy: egads

jon: perez

1st story

Tracy: thats repulsive

Sent at 3:46 PM on Wednesday

jon: mingen

Tracy: just read it how ridiculous

jon: i was quite entranced

Sent at 3:49 PM on Wednesday

jon: i had to tear myself away from the goolah

Sent at 3:50 PM on Wednesday

jon: yes, it is feral

clearly no freaking class those people

Tracy: eeeew you see the gay cannibal


jon: total trailer park

yes – that was also appalling

Tracy: jeepers creepers

maybe he and jamie should start dating
Sent at 3:51 PM on Wednesday

jon: totally – she can make ’em as quick as he can eat ’em


Tray: hahahahahahha

or he can slowly devour the entire spears clan
save humanity
from spears sperminating the world

jon: totally

thank god they don’t have boys….
them oats would spread a lot quicker
at least with the girls there’s a nine month waiting period before the next spawn

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